Being Miranda Priestly!

In a world where, women in power are so few  one can only copy from men, I chose a character loosely based on ‘nuclear Anna’ (Anna Wintour), Miranda Priestly from  the  roman à clef ‘The Devil wears Pradaas inspiration. Although a fictional character, Ms Priestly has become my ultimate  woman. Highly focused on her work, astute, self assured and greatly  misunderstood.  She is the ultimate power woman at the pinnacle of an industry.Although stylish, Miranda is not vain but, neither is she smug .Miranda is just Miranda; really focused on her work and  under certain pressures, as a woman in that position of power.

As Miranda schools Andy on the importance of fashion  in the famous cerulean  dialogue, it becomes apparent that, fashion is a political statement  and that Fashion matters.  What i admired most about Miranda Priestly is, she is a fully developed character; devoted to her children who appear to be her weakness  but, also a character  with an absolutely  unglamorous private life. Her greatest disappointment is that,she is on her 4th husband and jokingly suggests that, one of the  News paper editors should cut her a cheque for all the papers he sells  because of the publicised versions of her private life . We start to understand the price of being a successful woman and why it’s important not to be highly strung.  She is calm cool and collected. What’s admirable is that, she is  decisive  and uncompromising  on  quality as well as getting the job done.  Is this is what successful women have to do?




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