Before I met you I was a civilised woman.


I don’t even know what the means.

Food shelter, sex once those needs are covered we can pretend we are in control.

But the lies we build and the personas we conjure up for ourselves keep us human.

Really we are all just animals.

I know that because of fear.

Fear for your life.

Once you feel that, everything this so-called civilisation, disappears.

Fear makes animals of us all.

To be civilised hey…


My love

Before I met you I thought to be loved was the ultimate goal,

To be loved…

Now I don’t know what that means.

Our rules were tits or legs but you cant have both.

I told you what I liked and hated

You asked me not to talk to strange men. We kissed in dark alleyways

You told me that, yours was a combination of knowledge, experience observation Gambler’s edge.

Sex with you was like being eaten alive by a wolf,

Sex might be an animal pleasure but love is a human one.

Companionship fulfilment is this what made us pretend ours, our peculiar love was perfect.

But my love, these were lies because when you had the chance you gutted me.

Really you are just an animal

Once I had my experiences with you all that love disappeared

Hatred and savagery makes beasts of us all

At our age what kind of game are we playing

You , you turn me on.

To be loved hey…



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