Ab Ovo Usque Ad Mala

A Women Of Substance – inspired by  Barbara Taylor Bradford

You can’t teach drive and ambition . Grit is something that you  are born with but it’s something that you can train yourself . You cant have everything  you have to compromise a lot. To be a successful woman , successfully fulfilled even in your  own relationships, you need to  have a good partner , a man who encourages , he has to be supportive , creative, he is nice , i like him as well as love him.

What is a woman of substance to me?

In a quest to be a doyenne, i have taken to the quest to really explore what actually makes me happy.   A woman of substance is always blissful, happy from the inside and out, cherishes  her achievements, thrives to do everything meticulously with great intention. I have decided to also allow myself to be disciplined. This to me is what a woman of substance ought to be.


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